Fun Facts

Kids One

Question: How many gallons of gas does it take for Kid One to transport our clients each month?

Answer: Approximately 3,000 gallons every month!


First Light

Question: What is the only emergency shelter in Birmingham where homeless women can find a safe place to stay 24 hours a day (not just between 8 to 5) ?

Answer: Approximately 3,000 gallons every month!


Question: How many homeless women and children does First Light serve with supportive services and emergency shelter or permanent supportive housing on any given day?

Answer: up to 70 in the shelter and 60-70 women and children in permanent supportive housing.


Naked Art

Question: Why does Naked Art have a bell hanging above its front desk?

Answer: They ring it when someone makes a dumb joke about the “naked” part of their name. Like "Do I have to take my clothes off?" Naked Art is about "Art for the people" - art in an affordable range by not-yet-famous artists. What you see if what you get, without frills. Hence the eye in the logo.

Question: What’s special about the loo?

Answer: Every Third Friday, the loo of Naked Art (and the other Forest Park merchants) are transformed by local installation artists. It is always a quirky art experience as Third Friday event goers go from boutique to restaurant to peek into the loo.



Question: What date did Public Radio WBHM 90.3 FM go on air?

Answer: December 5, 1976.

Question: What were the first sounds heard on Public Radio WBHM 90.3 FM?

Answer: The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra tuning up to play the Star Spangled Banner.


Question: Habitat "gives" away houses?

Answer: Habitat Birmingham does not give away houses. After families have been identified and are qualified as having a need for affordable housing, the family partners with Habitat to complete 300 hours of “sweat equity”, attend classes on financial management, budgeting and basic home repairs, agree to repay the mortgage, and pay a down payment of $2,000.

Question: Habitat only builds "new" houses?

Answer: Habitat Birmingham does more than just build new houses; they also rehabilitate exiting houses, do owner-occupied repairs of houses, and does repairs and rebuilds homes after disasters.



When we first started showing movies in parks outdoors, there were not video projectors and we hauled around a huge professional 16mm film projector and splied each movie together for the shows.

We have been hosting outdoor movie events for 24 years!

We have 5 different screen configurations to accommodate any size crowd!

We will come to your backyard for your own private movie, football or gaming party!



Question: What is the greatest reported unmet need of persons living with HIV/AIDS?

Answer: Housing. National research shows that 60% of all persons living with HIV/AIDS report experiences of homelessness or housing instability.

Question: Which county in Alabama has the largest number of reported HIV/AIDS cases?

Answer: Jefferson County, with over 3,200 cases reported in 2014.

Question: Sexually Transmitted Diseases used to be referred to as "veneral diseases", where did that name originate?

Answer: From Veneris or Venus—the Roman Goddess of Love.



Question: This organization has been a part of the Avondale community since 1886.

Answer: Avondale United Methodist Church.

Question: What was the value of food assistance that Avondale UMC and Canterbury UMC provided to households in the Avondale area last year through Avondale Samaritan Place?

Answer: $65,000.



Question: United Way of Central Alabama provides funding for over 80 health and human services nonprofits in Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount and St. Clair Counties.

Answer: United Way's Success by 6 program works with child care centers in Central Alabama to ensure that preschool children are prepared for kindergarten.



Fact: Did you know that The Abbey functions not only as a coffee shop but as a church and a non-profit?!

Question: Where does The Abbey get their coffee beans?

Answer: Red Bike Coffee, roasted locally in Irondale.



During Market Season, we provide 150 boxes of produce free of charge to low income seniors in East Lake. In the summer, we feed 70 kids a day a hot lunch free of charge as part of the Summer Feeding Program. East Lake Market is in it's 10th year!


Birmingham Aids Outreach

Question: What year was BAO incorporated?

Answer: 1985 – Happy 30th Anniversary to us.

Question: How many people do we test for HIV each year (average)?

Answer: 1,500



Silvertron Café catered lunch or dinner to 5,441 people last year

Almost 11,000 chicken fingers were served last year alone by Silvertron Café!



Question: Did you know when Buffalo Rock co. was created?

Answer: 1901

Fact: Buffalo Rock has been ever since a family business, Jimmie Lee (current owner) is the 4th generation owner.



Silvertron Café catered lunch or dinner to 5,441 people last year

Almost 11,000 chicken fingers were served last year alone by Silvertron Café!

The Forest Park South Avondale Business Districts work directly with REV Birmingham.

REV Birmingham (REV) revitalizes places and energizes business to create vibrancy in the City of Birmingham. REV is an economic development organization that stimulates business growth and improves quality of life in Birmingham’s City Center and its Neighborhood Commercial Centers. REV fuels commercial vitality through proactive business recruitment and retention activities, and by encouraging private and public investments that support economic growth citywide. REV’s initiatives generate positive results for partners, enhance tax revenue, generate and sustain jobs, increase tourism and positively influence perceptions about the City of Birmingham
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