Movies @ Avondale Park - Despicable Me

The Forest Park South Avondale Business Association and REV Birmingham are proud to present the 5th Annual Movies at Avondale Park, a free, fun, family night out.

The series will be held on Tuesdays in June as well as July and will be open to the public. Last year’s movie series saw an average of 600 people per show. Avondale Park has become the center of the Forest Park South Avondale Neighborhood and a hub of activities for families since it reopened four years ago.  

Bring Dinner
Call-in, pick-up and bring some dinner for the family from one of the many local restaurants located in Forest Park South Avondale.

  • Silvertron Cafe - movie sponsor
  • Little Savannah - movie sponsor
  • NOTE: more restaurants located on 41st Street

Movie Dates

  • June 7th – Inside Out - (Avondale Park)
  • June 14th – Bottomless (yes!, from Vero) and Minions - (Avondale Park)
  • June 21st – Mr Smith Goes to Washington - (Avondale Park)
  • June 28th – Despicable Me - (Avondale Park)
  • July 12th – The Incredibles - (Crestwood Park)
  • July 19th – Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark - (Avondale Park)
  • July 26th – Princess Bride - (Crestwood Park)

Movie starts at 8:15pm, with live music and the amphitheater open for seating at 7pm.

Parking is available on the streets surrounding the park and inside the park as well. Security will be on hand to guide movie-goers to the amphitheater. 

Contact Us
Got a question, contact Marco at or James at


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